Galilei Donna Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 is a soundtrack CD that has been bundled with the limited edition of Vol. 5 of the DVD and Blu-ray release of Galilei Donna.

Track listing Edit

  1. Goldfish Takeoff! (金魚発進!)
  2. Willful Walk (気ままな散歩)
  3. Frozen Grasslands (凍る草原)
  4. Style of the Sky Pirates (空賊の流儀)
  5. Absolute Zero (絶対零度)
  6. Interception of the Maiden (迎撃の乙女)
  7. First Love (初恋)
  8. The Three Galileo Sisters (ガリレオ三姉妹)

Notes Edit

  • All tracks: composed and arranged by Shiro Hamaguchi

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