Episode 6 - Galileo Tesoro

Episode 6, Galileo Tesoro.
Episode Information
Kanji ガリレオテゾロ
Rōmaji Garireotezoro
Air Date November 14th, 2013
Other Information
Director Yasuomi Umetsu
Script Atsushi Oka
Hideyuki Kurata
Jun Kumagai
Touko Machida
Music Shiroh Hamaguchi
Animation Director Shingo Adachi
Sound Shoji Hata
Music Information
Opening Synchromania
Constellatory Dreams Salt Fish

Galileo Tesoro (ガリレオテゾロ Garireotezoro) is the sixth episode to the anime series Galilei Donna. It was aired on November 14th, 2013.


In the past, Roberto was the son of a caring father. However, his father was killed when his house was bombed, leading to Roberto to adopt his ruthless personality. Back in the present, Hazuki becomes ill and the sisters stop at a hospital in Russia for treatment. There, they encounter Roberto, Cicinho, and the crew of the Black Ganymede, with the parties fighting over how the limited resources of the hospital should be allocated. The pirates tell Hozuki that they were orphaned and that being a pirate gave them a reason to live. Roberto goes on a massacre killing the pirates until Hozuki intervenes, causing an explosion that leaves the hospital exposed to the frigid air and causing her pendant to activate to break up the fight. Roberto was about to kill Cicinho and a few remaining pirates, but runs out of bullets. Hazuki is given some medicine from the hospital and recovers from the illness.


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