Episode 5 - Constellatory Dreams

Episode 5, Constellatory Dreams.
Episode Information
Kanji 星座夢幻
Rōmaji Seiza mugen
Air Date November 7th, 2013
Other Information
Director Yasuomi Umetsu
Script Atsushi Oka
Hideyuki Kurata
Jun Kumagai
Touko Machida
Music Shiroh Hamaguchi
Animation Director Shingo Adachi
Sound Shoji Hata
Music Information
Opening Synchromania
Snow Gift Galileo Tesoro

Constellatory Dreams (星座夢幻 Seiza mugen) is the fifth episode to the anime series Galilei Donna. It was aired on November 7th, 2013.


The next clue leads the sisters to the a cathedral Netherlands in a village that is the home of the Blue Hawks, a band of thieves with a grudge against Adnimoon for abandoning them. They initially act hostile until Hazuki lectured them about lawbreaking. Hozuki meets up with Theo, a young boy from the band aspiring to become an inventor. Theo shows Hazuki a telescope that he built to give to Karen, his childhood friend, and then gives him the sketch. However, Ludger, the leader of the Blue Hawks, sells out the band to Adnimoon in order to escape, and warns Theo and Hozuki that the village is about to be bombed. Instead of escaping, Theo goes back to the hideout to get Karen, who became too injured to walk in the attack retrieving the telescope. Hozuki attempts to rescue the Blue Hawks, but her request gets overridden and the Galileo escapes moments before the hideout was bombed, killing the members of the Blue Hawks.


The three Ferrari sisters and Anna Hendrix finally land on Holland, Netherlands, to find another piece of the moon sketches. However, they met the thieves "Blue Hawk" in the poor village of Holland. After surrounding them, the leader of the Blue Hawk brings up a conversation about Adni Moon and other lawbreaking subjects. Hazuki Ferrari breaks into an argument while Hozuki Ferrari meets Theo Escher, a boy member of the family, and shows him the Galileo. Anna and Kazuki takes their time trying to find the moon sketches. Theo also has his own telescope, which he decides to give it to Karen, his childhood friend, as a birthday gift. He also helps Hozuki find the moon sketch inside the church. He goes to find Ludger but felt betrayed or sold out when he decides to escape, explaining to him that the place is about to be bombed. Hozuki tries to save the rest of the Blue Hawks, but near the end was too late.


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